About us

PW Amigo is a Polish family business that deals with sorting and packaging of table eggs, which we are selling across the European Union and beyond. Our eggs had the opportunity to be appreciated in countries such as Sudan, Haiti, Iraq, Angola, Kongo and many other.

All of his is possible through a high degree of commitment and quality, as well as zeal for fulfilling our responsibilities and an individual approach to each customer.

PW Amigo Plant has a possibility to sort out 2 500 000 eggs a day involving Moba Omnia FT 330 egg sorting machine.

Starting from 04.12.2015 our packing unit and distribution centre for eggs have its new headquarters in Zielniki 42, near Środa Wielkopolska and have been registered on the list of the General Veterinary Inspectorate under the no PL 30255915WE (see Gallery).